Residential Property Management

Excellent Customer Service

Wasatch Property Management's success has been based on one simple principle: To be the best in resident service while enriching the lives of those we serve. To be able to provide the highest quality of service, we have implemented programs that continue to simplify the lives and needs of our residents.

Three-Hour Service Request: Our highly skilled maintenance teams ensure our residents that their maintenance requests are attended to promptly and within three hours. Maintenance addresses the request and an office team member performs a follow-up interview within 24 hours to verify the work was completed satisfactorily.

Never Miss A Call: We utilize Rent Dynamics, a premier leasing office and community concierge partner, to ensure that no leads are lost or calls unanswered. Rent Dynamics concierge service helps Wasatch Property Management manage service requests, answer questions, provide after-hours support and ensure that all of our resident's needs are met.

Effective Communications: Effective communication is an important tool in sustaining a good relationship between office staff and residents. Through text messaging and email support, we have the ability to quickly notify residents of important information regarding current events, rent balances, construction, maintenance requests, and anything else that the community needs to be made aware of.

Utility Management: We have contracted with Conservice to manage the handling and processing of all utility billing. The residents online account accepts rent and utility payments, which are then automatically posted to the property management software. Residents can view up-to-date rent and utility information online, make one time payments, sign up for auto-pay, and more.

Credit Score Improvement: We help our residents build credit strength through monthly reporting of their payments to Credit Bureaus through “Rent Plus”.