Wasatch Energy Group

Wasatch Energy Group (WEG) creates, develops, and manages clean energy solutions that enable a sustainable and reliable energy future.

WEG cultivates forward thinking and reliable solutions that realize zero carbon input into the environment using virtual power plant (VPP) technology for commercial and residential projects. The VPP design provides a network of solar + sonnen batteries that is controlled by utilities to help balance, decongest, and de-carbonize the grid. With active projects in Utah, California, and Arizona, WEG's flagship VPP project at Soleil Lofts enables Rocky Mountain Power to better manage energy supply and demand in the region using the sonnen battery fleet and the VPP software.

Using a pragmatic approach to generate, store, and manage energy using VPP technology, WEG connects utility companies with proven clean energy technologies.

Demonstrating the ”Wasatch Group” method, our strategies provide solutions that benefit all stakeholders - investors, municipalities, utilities, and residents.

With WEG, it is possible to bottle the sun and use it to safely and sustainably power homes, businesses, and communities.

“We should create sustainable living for today and the future.”
Dell Loy Hansen