Wasatch Energy Group


Rio Tinto Stadium was the largest solar panel project in the state of Utah. Rio Tinto Stadium, home of the Real Salt Lake, has a 2,020-kilowatt solar system, providing the largest offset of any professional stadium in North America by reducing 73% of the stadiums total annual power needs.


Conservice Utility Management has 2,256 panels (699.36 killowatt) solar system. By utilizing the solar covered parking structures we have offset Conservice total power consumption by 80%


Sports Academy, Logan – a family health club that offers, fitness classes with personal trainers, swimming lesson and tennis tournaments is a premier place for all things health and fitness in Logan Utah. With the use of our solar panels we have offset 94% energy use with the 2,646 solar panels, creating a savings of $90,000 a year. That is enough to plant nearly 21,000 trees!


Solar array systems were installed on the roof of the indoor training center and Zions Bank Stadium, a 56,800 SF array that produces 957 kW, powering 80% of the facility, while the stadium will run off a 9,800 SF, 166-kW array


We successfully created a 80% offset 1523 panels, 500.205 kW system size


Includes four office towers and two retail buildings that total 460,000 square feet. We placed solar panels on three buildings, as well as solar on all the covered parking for their employees.


We placed 466 panels at 360 watts, 167.67 kW system size


Bondville is a 2.2MW AC Solar Production Facility under development in Vermont with a 25 year Power Purchase Agreement and direct interconnection with Green Mountain Power Corporation. The project site is located near Bondville VT, approximately 70 miles north east of Albany NY.


(West Valley) – 258.260 kW system Size, 698 panels, @ 370 W


500.220 kW system Size 1191 panels 420 W

Soleil Lofts

Soleil Lofts is the first apartment community to serve as a clean energy virtual power plant, for the benefit of the larger community and the surrounding area. The development is a true solution for a renewable energy future, an enabler of the energy transition. Our goal was to create an affordable, yet extraordinary place to live, filled with amenities, featuring the highest quality, longest lasting and safest solar battery in the world, a robust solar array on the roof and nearly 150 community EV chargers in Herriman, Utah.

Other Apartment Updates

To further the success of Soleil Lofts in Utah, we’ve applied 4,836 solar panels and virtual power plants to Heron Pointe apartments in Fresnco CA and 1,337 solar panels to Ben Tree apartments in Sacrament CA. These projects expands Soleil Energy Groups mission to bring clean, renewable energy to their communities. With our forward thinking use of solar and batter technology will set the standard for similar retrofit projects in the U.S.

Tech Park

Tech Park is the first of its kind. We are transforming the office campus environment in Silicon Slopes. This iconic campus features balanced energy consumption, peak shaving technology, Qualified Opportunity Zone investment, innovative tech, and an amenity rich campus. These offices are 100% electric with solar and battery backup power system that is completely sustainable.

Falcon Field Hangar

Falcon Field Hanger we have designed, developed and will install solar panels on 350,000 square feet of new hanger space in Mesa Arizona


Atlas is currently being developed and will have 243 solar panels with a system size of 93kW saving an equivalent of 2,502 trees.


Biomerics is currently being built and will have 4,780 solar panels with a system size of 2055kW saving an equivalent of 28,866 trees.

VPP Fleet II Project

VPP Fleet II Project We have taken what we have learned from Soleil Lofts including our partnership with Sonnen and are building seven new battery and solar array installations on apartment communities throughout California.