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Wasatch Talyormade Builders
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Kory Smith

President Taylormade Builders

Kory Smith became President of Wasatch Taylormade Builders when it was formed in 2017, and oversees construction and accounting for new construction projects, major renovations, and capital improvements for Wasatch Property Management.

Mr. Smith served as Capitals Manager for Wasatch Property Management, Inc. from 2000 to 2003 before accepting a position as Vice President of Capitals in 2004. As VP of Capitals, he supervised annual capital expenditures for over 60 residential apartment communities, totaling over $15 million in annual expenditures. He continues to oversee forecasting, accounting, contract negotiations, supplier purchasing agreements, quality assurance, and submittal of lender and construction draws. Mr. Smith and his team also completed over $50 million in major rehabilitation work over the last 10 years at multifamily communities located throughout California, Arizona, Washington, and Utah.

Under his leadership, Taylormade Builders currently has two commercial buildings and two multifamily apartment projects under construction. Over the past several years his group has also constructed seven single-family homes, a 10,000 square-foot office building, and five recreation cabins.

Mr. Smith has been with Wasatch since January of 1999. Mr. Smith has a BS in Accounting from Utah State University.